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Choosing the Right Truck Mixer for your Construction Site


Truck mixers are among the most vital and useful construction vehicles on any job site.Confused by the numerous solutions available on the market? Here’s how to choose the right truck mixer for your construction site.


How a Truck Mixer Works The main components of a truck mixer are:

  • The drum which may be fitted with mixing blades or fins. It is inside here that sand, gravel, water and cement are mixed together. The presence of double or triple blades has a positive impact on the quality of the product: the greater the number of blades, the higher the quality of the mixture;
  • The engine or motor, which enables movement and mixing. It can be a single-phase motor, two-phase motor or combustion engine;
  • The discharge system, which turns the drum and discharges mixture;
  • The emergency stop button, which guarantees the safety of the truck mixer by shutting it down in the event of breakdowns or problems.


Self-Loading Truck Mixer Vs. Conventional Truck Mixer

Truck mixers are typically vehicles equipped with a very large drum (up to 11 m3) used for transporting large quantities of concrete from the concrete batching plant to the job site. In transit, the drum is kept in constant rotation to prevent the concrete from solidifying.

Truck mixers are very useful when it is necessary to bring a large amount of material to a construction site situated a relatively short distance away, but there are several situations in which a self-loading truck mixer may be more effective. For example;

  • construction sites that are located at a great distance from the concrete plant,
  • hard-to-access mountainous locations or urban centres that are not easily accessible to large vehicles
  • small to medium-sized construction sites which do not require large quantities of concrete per day.


In these cases, the best type of solution is a self-loading truck mixer, which is a compact vehicle equipped with a shovel for loading aggregate into the drum, as well as a water tank.

This vehicle is designed to be totally self-sufficient when preparing mixture, even in remote or difficult-to-reach places.


How to Choose the Right Truck Mixer

To choose the ideal truck mixer for your construction site, it’s important to focus on two components: quality and quantity.

When choosing a truck mixer it is essential to evaluate:

  • Desired volume of concrete, which is typically 70% of the drum’s capacity. This means that if you want to obtain 70L of concrete, you need a truck mixer with a 100L drum.
  • The presence of mixing blades, on which the quality of the mixed concrete depends. The spiral blades inside DIECI truck mixers ensure a more homogeneous product, by thoroughly mixing all the raw materials.


Why Choose Dieci Self-Loading Truck Mixers?

DIECI aims to support construction companies by supplying robust, safe, easy-to-handle and user-friendly vehicles. All models in the DIECI truck mixer range have hydrostatic transmission and a concrete yield of 2.5 m3 to 5 m3.

The main standout features of DIECI truck mixers include:

  • High-thickness steel drum, reinforced to ensure a long service life with no deformation.
  • Spiral blades – this particular type of mixing blade inside the drum ensures a more homogeneous product due to the continuous mixing of all parts of the material. The mixture obtained from a DIECI truck mixer is therefore of excellent quality.
  • Manoeuvrability, compactness and agility. The four-wheel drive on our truck mixers provides better grip, for improved stability and safety.
  • Self-loading and rotating drums simplify operations, making these truck mixers even more efficient and indispensable.


In addition, DIECI combines mechanics and technology, by designing efficient truck mixers with new high-tech supports, such as:

  • Concrete Cube System. This solution constantly monitors the quality of the mixture, weighing each ingredient and managing the control of 128 different concrete formulations. The built-in printer makes it possible to instantly obtain a quality certificate for mixture produced and used on the construction site.
  • Drum rotation system. The drum can be rotated from the ground using one of two workstations. DIECI truck mixers can also be fitted with a camera system that provides a millimetric view, facilitating loading and unloading operations;.


Finally, as with all DIECI vehicles, great attention is paid to the driver, who has a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Inside the cab, controls are distributed intuitively and the soundproofing, height-adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic seat with suspension are also designed to ensure driver comfort.

For more information on our truck mixers, give us a call on 1300 888 479.

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