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Unique Uses for Dieci Telehandlers


Telehandlers aren’t just for construction sites, in fact there are many unique instances in which they can provide a more cost-effective, versatile and efficient solution.

Telehandlers are essential for an extensive range of industries and applications as they can combine the lift capacity of a hydraulic forklift with the reach and elevation of a crane.

With a wide range of attachments ranging from buckets and jibs to forks and aerial work platforms, you gain the ability to take on multiple tasks with a single machine.


Operating on Film Sets

Normally film crews would build scaffolding and other structures to support sets, cameras, and other equipment. After the scene has been shot, they would then have to break down the structure and set up elsewhere. Telehandlers are a game changer in the film industry – all you need to do is drive it to a new position or extend the boom a bit further and you are ready for the next scene.

Telehandlers can be used on film sets to help bring set pieces and props from loading trucks. They can also be used to lift props from one area to another, while holding them up if they need to be suspended for a scene. The telescopic boom can be used to assemble studio lights, enabling areas that are normally hard to access to be lit.

Crane shots are taken by a camera attached to a crane or jib. Telehandlers are ideal because of their extensible boom and ability to move to the required position. For more flexibility, rotational telehandlers can rotate up to 360 degrees. This is particularly handy for outdoor shoots on rough terrain.


Setting Up Outdoor Events

Telehandlers can be used to set up stages, mount speakers and safely move equipment around for outdoor events. Forklifts are generally non terrain-friendly, especially outdoors on grass, therefore a telehandler is a much better option.

Equipment that is generally at outdoor events such as fences, portable toilets, barriers, speakers, tower lights etc. can be moved around more efficiently with a telehandler. Different attachment options can even replace the need for tower lights by attaching them to the telescopic boom.


Assisting at Motorsport Tracks

Before a racing event on a motorsport track, telehandlers can be used to move equipment between a loading truck and the track or from track to track. Structures such as ramps, barriers, sound equipment and winner’s podiums can all be transported by a telehandler.

Telehandler bucket attachments can also be used to transport dirt from an off-site dirt pit to a stadium off-road truck course. During the races, telehandlers can assist with lifting crashed cars, bikes and vehicle parts off the track safely and efficiently.


Working in Recycling and Waste Plants

Telehandlers are regularly used within the waste and recycling industry. They are used to sort through the various materials and are great for moving large loads of waste materials to different locations.

Telehandlers can be coupled with buckets for carrying, blades for pushing, grapples for grabbing and hooks for towing, which makes them an ideal machine for recycling and waste plants.

For more information on our telehandlers and their many uses, give us a call on 1300 888 479.

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