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Why Dieci Telehandlers Excel in the Construction Sector

Dieci Australia offers a range of telehandlers suitable for construction sites. From unloading materials, transporting them around the site and placing them at height, Dieci telehandlers are a versatile machine that can replace forklift trucks, aerial platforms and cranes.

Compared to forklift trucks, telehandlers have the ability to reach higher and further due to the telescopic boom, with many models having a reach of up to 25m and a lifting capacity of up to 21 tonnes. Due to the lateral positioning of the boom, they also have greater visibility and can be easily manoeuvred in confined spaces.

Telehandlers are adept at navigating a range of working environments as they offer three different steering modes - front wheel, four wheel and crab. Models with four-wheel drive can cover the rough and uneven terrain that is common on building sites.

Fields of application

Construction Sites

Given the flexibility of the range, Dieci telehandlers are often used for their strength and ease of use in different environments and situations. Whether it's for new constructions, roofs, coverings or renovations and restorations, these machines have greater stability on rough terrain, so they can transport goods and materials to workers at height. A wide range of accessories means that telehandlers can easily handle aggregates such as gravel, earth and bricks.

When equipped with a man basket, telehandlers can lift workers themselves, eliminating the need for scaffolding, which can often be unnecessarily expensive and sometimes dangerous.

Furthermore, a lifting hook or winch attachment can enable telehandler operators to perform the work of a crane in tight access areas where a crane would not be able to reach. Telehandlers are able to lift and place pre-cast materials such as roofs and coverings onto buildings under construction.

Property Renovations

The two steering axle on Dieci telehandlers makes them the ideal machine for renovations, which often take place on either delicate or tight access structures such as historical centres, parts of building, courtyards etc. In this type of work, it is possible to meet problems that are often hard to predict during the deign stage. The versatility of a telehandler and the possibility of using various accessories, provide construction companies engaged in renovation with the right tool to solve this type of situation.

Systems & Structures

A telehandler can easily be used in construction works that are not strictly related to building, such as the assembly of large temporary structures (stands for events, stages for concerts, fun fairs etc.) or for assembling large renewable energy plants, such as photovoltaic panel fields or wind farms.

Wind farms in particular, need precises lifting machines for the delicate and difficult handling of wind turbine blades, which requires hooking and lifting them with a lifting hook or winch attachment at their centre of gravity from storage to their place on site. Wind farms and solar farms also often require assembling on hills and steep slopes, which a telehandler is ideal for.

Logistics Ports & Airports

Dieci telehandlers are also used in ports and airports in operations such as airplanes and handling for periodic maintenance, or transport of the material that must be embarked from the various depots to the dock.

For more information on our construction range, give us a call on 1300 888 479.

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