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Icarus 40.17: Built for Purpose

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Icarus 40.17 is a reliable and versatile machine, with a maximum capacity of 4 tonne and lifting height of 16.6 metres. With EWP options available, this telehandler excels in applications such as new constructions, renovations, restorations, maintenance works and even the assembly of large renewable energy plants and wind farms.

Equipped with hydrostatic transmission, automatic gearbox and inching pedal control, which guarantees maximum power at all operating speeds, as well as a zero-shock system to ensure a high degree of operator comfort.

Dieci telehandlers can be fitted with various equipment needed to carry out the required work on job sites. With a wide range of accessories to choose from, including lifting hooks, excavation and aggregate buckets, grippers for cylinders, pipes and tyres, centering handlers, passenger baskets etc.

Due to working in environments that are often dusty, the Icarus 40.17 has been fitted with a separator pre-air filter, which prevents the entrance of dust and abrasive particles allowing greater efficiency and longer engine life.

All Dieci telehandlers are equipped with a ROPS - FOPS approved cab, including luxurious air seats, LED lights, powerful integrated air conditioning and heating, and complete 360° views. Dieci cabs are designed to significantly improve the working conditions and comfort of the operator.

For more information on our telehandler range, contact us on 1300 888 479.

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