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Mixing Up the Market with Dieci Truck Mixers

Designed with the same quality Italian design as their telehandlers, Dieci’s range of truck mixers offer robust construction and industry standard components. Built with the Dieci PX off-road chassis, these machines have proven their tough off-road capabilities against Australia’s harshest environments.

With over half a century of experience as evidence of their great reliability, Dieci truck mixers are ideal for use in mining, infrastructure, remote or regional sites, and where concrete or similar materials are required.

Dieci Australia offers a variety of mixer sizes to suit all types of applications, including the F7000, with a capacity of up to five cubic metres, to the midrange L4700 and L3500. These vehicles are further categorised by their manoeuvrability, compactness and agility, along with the high thickness of steel used for the mixing drum, which guarantees dimensional stability and a long life.

All models have 4-wheel drive and 2- or 4-wheel steering, along with a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning capabilities and reversible driver’s seat. Dieci truck mixers can also be modified to suit our customers’ needs.

With the mixers’ ability to self-measure and load, the need for remote concrete batching plants is no longer required. Due to the proven design of the spiral blades, ingredients can be mixed to an extremely high degree of precision while being poured into the drum, creating a perfectly homogeneous result every time.

Dieci heavily invests in safety, therefore each truck mixer has been manufactured to meet local Australian design and compliance standards. We have an independent external engineer who signs off on every new machine or attachment that comes out, including attachments that we have developed ourselves.

For more information on our mixers range, contact us on 1300 888 479.

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