NSW Commits $93B for Infrastructure Construction

NSW has committed to $93B for Infrastructure construction

The NSW Government has committed $93 billion into infrastructure over the next four years, the largest infrastructure investment in the state’s history.

The New South Wales 2019-20 budget has awarded $55.6 billion to road and rail projects, with the remaining allocated to schools, hospitals, energy, water and housing.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the state’s infrastructure plan is designed to drive economic growth, create jobs and provide high-quality services to residents.

According to Perrottet’s Budget Infrastructure Statement, the plan draws from the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038, the Future Transport 2056 plan and the Greater Sydney Region Plan.

The State Infrastructure Strategy focuses on developing a infrastructure project pipeline to support sustainable growth, while the Future Transport 2026 plan is a suite of strategies designed to support directions for mobility, transport and integrated land planning.

According to the statement, the Greater Sydney Region plan is designed to guide the transformation of Greater Sydney into three distinct but connected cities.

Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance said the budget illustrates an unprecedented investment in road and rail projects across NSW, with a central focus on 
easing congestion.

Constance said of the overall investment, $32.2 billion has been allocated to public transport, with the excess $23.4 billion committed to roads.

“This investment will deliver on the massive commitments made to improve transport connections and services,” Constance said.

“Major motorways aren’t the only roadways receiving attention, with many local roads receiving much-needed upgrades.”

Constance also highlighted the budget’s $4.1 billion investment in the WestConnex project.

“Once complete, these projects will transform the way drivers travel around Sydney, bypassing up to 52 sets of traffic lights to provide faster, safer and more reliable trips,” he said.

Additionally, the budget includes a $6.4 million allocation to fast-track works on the Sydney Metro West.

Source: Insideconstruction.com.au 

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