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Telehandlers vs. Tractors: What is the Better Option for your Farm?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Over the past decade, spotting a DIECI telehandler on a farm is becoming more common. With DIECI Australia releasing models more attuned to the needs of farmers - such as poultry, haymaking and cotton - this comes as no surprise.

What is a telehandler?

Telehandlers - short for telescopic handler are versatile, hydraulic lifting units that are often used in the construction, farming and agriculture sectors.

Thanks to the presence of a hydraulically operated telescopic boom, these machines can be used to lift, transport and position light to heavy loads.

They can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments, some of which include various forks, buckets, grabs etc.

Telehandlers vs. tractors

Unlike tractors with front lifting, telehandlers can be used to handle loads in even the tightest of spaces. They can also lift higher and safely reach greater distances - this is what they are designed for after all.

Versatility is a DIECI telehandler’s greatest strength. When fitted with a bucket or grab, these machines are able to move loads that would otherwise be unreachable by a tractor-mounted loader, or even a wheeled or backhoe loader. They are used to load mixer wagons or feed out trailers more efficiently, as well as load very large dumpers, or stack round bales in columns of 5 or 6 levels without difficulty.

There are three modes of steering, including four-wheel steering, crab steering and 2-wheel steering, which makes these extremely manoeuvrable machines. Boom suspension is used to stabilise the unit when carrying loads, and quick directional changes are possible via geared transmissions.

Telehandlers have the ability to perform various jobs using the same vehicle. They can reach directly into high-sided trailers or hoppers, compared to a wheeled loader which would need a ramp or conveyor.

With their large wheels, DIECI telehandlers can negotiate farm tracks and yards with ease. Being lower to the ground also makes DIECI telehandlers more stable.

A DIECI telehandler’s capabilities will allow you to find new and more efficient ways of getting the job done. When a tractor can only do so much, you can rely on a DIECI telehandler to do so much more.

For more information on our telehandler range, contact us on 1300 888 479.

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