Telescopic handlers suitable for armed forces

What do Switzerland and Quatar have in common? They are both small countries that nevertheless have a modern and well-organised army. Furthermore, both armed forces have chosen Dieci telehandlers to enhance their logistical capabilities.


It’s a little known fact that Switzerland, despite being a neutral state, has a small but highly trained army that has effectively deterred any aggression down the centuries of Europe’s turbulent history.

Today the Schweizer Armee has expanded its mandate beyond national defence to provide support to the country’s population in the event of natural disasters, as well as participating in international peacekeeping missions on behalf of both the UN and the OSCE.

In order to carry out its duties, the small Armee needed to procure machinery as technologically advanced as that of the major superpowers. This search for quality led to ARBOR AG of Boll, DIECI dealer for Switzerland, which in 2016 was awarded a contract to supply 93 Apollo telehandlers to the Swiss Federal Army.

The CEO of Arbor, Andreas Stettler, was understandably delighted: “We are pleased because with this victory we have secured the role of leader in the Swiss market. Our close cooperation with the Italian manufacturer was crucial to our success in the tender process, due to the volume of documentation required.

The chosen vehicle is the Apollo, one of DIECI’s smallest telescopic handlers, which fulfils the exact requirements stated in the tender notice:

  • highly manoeuvrable and compact

  • it can operate easily in tight spaces