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The Versatility of Dieci Telehandlers in Critical Situations

After the tragic structural failure of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, on 14 August 2018 reconstruction began, painfully, with the necessary demolition of the buildings located under the eastern section of the bridge.

During a torrential rainstorm, the Morandi Bridge collapsed so suddenly that some thought it had been struck by lightning. 43 people died, homes and businesses were destroyed and infrastructure problems that had existed for decades were exposed.

The buildings, which could not be saved, as they were right under the crumbling stump of the bridge were mechanically demolished. During the operation a hydraulic clamp was used which, starting from the upper floors dismantled the condominium piece by piece.

Before the demolition, the companies involved worked hard to recover all the reusable materials, furnishings and appliances left in the homes.

Asbestos was a big problem

Particular attention in the planning of this demolition was paid to the management of pollutants that would be released into the air during the project, aggravating an already extremely delicate situation.

Given the presence of asbestos and other noxious dust in the debris, the hydraulic gripper was flanked by a Dedalus Dieci telehandler which, with a water cannon mounted on the boom, continuously sprinkled the work area, preventing the spread of toxic substances.

The Dedalus proved just how versatile Dieci telehandlers can be in critical situations.

Compared to forklift trucks, Dieci telehandlers have the ability to reach higher and further due to the telescopic boom. They also have greater visibility given by the lateral positioning of the boom.

Dieci telehandlers are robust and easily manoeuvrable in confined spaces thanks to 2 steering axles, making it suitable for performing multiple jobs.

A wide choice of accessories and attachments, allows each customer to choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific project.

For more information on our telehandler range, give us a call on 1300 888 479.

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