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Specialised Telehandlers

Cotton Pro 70.10

Max Capacity:

7,000 kg

Max Lift Height:

9.65 m

Total Weight:

12,100 kg

Max Power:

93 kW (125 hp)

Engine Brand:




      Dieci Cotton Pro Telehandler

      Product Info

      The Dieci Cotton Pro 70.10 is a reliable workhorse, ideal for cotton handling tasks such as combining bales of raw cotton, or spearing hay hales. This state-of-the-art telehandler is perfect for work environments where there is a need to handle large volumes and reduce work cycles. With options for 2-wheel, 4-wheel and transverse steering settings, this telescopic handler is prepared for any task.

      The engine cooling system uses a reversible fan to blow any dust and fibres away from the radiator to prevent it from overheating. The Dieci Cotton Pro excels in precise movements, optimal power distribution to the wheels and boom, effective soundproofing, and a well-designed control layout. These features collectively enhance its operation, making it intuitive, comfortable and straightforward to use.



      Length: 5,910 mm

      Width: 2,380 mm

      Height: 2,490 mm

      Maximum capacity: 7,000 kg

      Maximum lifting height: 9.65 m

      Pull-out force: 5,700 daN

      Towing force: 7,300 daN

      Maximum speed: 38 km/h

      Unladen weight: 12,100 kg

      Brand: FPT

      Fuelling: Diesel

      Cooling: Liquid

      Displacement: 4,485cm³

      Nominal power: 93 kW (125 hp)

      RPM at nominal power: 2,200 rpm

      Emission standard: Stage IIIA/Tier 3

      Hydraulic pump capacity: 130 L/min

      Maximum operating pressure: 26.0 MPa

      Transmission type: Hydrostatic with variable flow pump

      Standard tyres: 18×22.5″