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Mixer Truck F 7000

Max Capacity:


Total Weight:

7,400 kg

Max Power:

93 kW (125 hp)

Engine Brand:




      Dieci Truck Mixer F7000

      Product Info

      The F 7000 stands as the largest model in the Dieci mixer range, crafted for heavy-duty use across mining, tunnelling, and quarrying sites. It features a self-locking axle, 2-speed gearbox, hydrostatic transmission and oil-bath disc brakes. With spiral blades ensuring homogeneous mixing and a robust steel construction guaranteeing longevity, this mixer excels in delivering consistent performance in demanding environments.

      Enhanced manoeuvrability, compact dimensions, and agility, coupled with its 4-wheel drive system, deliver superior grip for improved stability and safety. The cab is positioned at the top for optimal ergonomics, comfort, and safety. It is ROPS-FOPS approved and equipped with soundproofing, heating, a tilt steering wheel, and an ergonomic seat with suspension.

      The automatic single-movement loading system offers unparalleled versatility and agility, preventing material from spilling out while entering the drum. This feature ensures efficient and seamless loading, enhancing overall productivity. Additionally, the self-loading shovel provides complete self-sufficiency in mixture preparation, even in remote locations without access to a concrete loading centre for refilling. This capability further boosts operational autonomy and flexibility, allowing for uninterrupted workflow regardless of the site’s proximity to external resources.



      Length: 6,100 mm

      Width: 2,370 mm

      Height: 3,075 mm

      Concrete yield: 5.0 m3

      Maximum speed: 27 km/h

      Water tank capacity: 850 L

      Unladen weight: 7,400 kg

      Brand: FPT

      Fuelling: Diesel

      Displacement: 4,485 cm³

      Nominal power: 93 kW (125 hp)

      RPM at nominal power: 2,200 rpm

      Emission standard: Stage IIIA/Tier 3

      Transmission type: Hydrostatic with variable displacement pump

      Standard tyres: 405/70×24″