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Rotational Telehandlers

Pegasus – 400° 38.16

Max Capacity:

3,800 kg

Max Lift Height:

15.7 m

Total Weight:

13,100 kg

Max Power:

73.4 kW (98 hp)

Engine Brand:




      Dieci Pegasus Telehandler

      Product Info

      The Pegasus 38.16, a rotational telehandler with 400° non-continuous rotations, is custom-designed for mining operations. Its remarkable versatility enables smooth transitions between telehandler, aerial platform, and crane functionalities, delivering unparalleled flexibility in various mining tasks.

      Key highlights of this model include its user-friendly design, robust construction, and comprehensive safety features. Equipped with a load limiter and state-of-the-art equipment, operators have precise control over the vehicle in every mining scenario, ensuring optimal performance and safety across varying efforts, loads, terrains, and speeds.

      The spacious and ergonomic cab of the Pegasus 38.16 is meticulously designed for operator comfort and efficiency. Featuring a new colour TFT display with an intuitive graphical interface, operators can effortlessly monitor and manage all vehicle functions, enhancing productivity and safety in demanding mining environments.



      Length: 6,740 mm

      Width: 2,380 mm

      Height: 3,035 mm

      Maximum capacity: 3,800 kg

      Maximum lifting height: 15.7 m

      Pull-out force: 5,700 daN

      Towing force: 7,300 daN

      Maximum speed: 25 km/h

      Unladen weight: 13,200 kg

      Brand: Kubota

      Fuelling: Diesel

      Cooling: Liquid

      Displacement: 3,769 cm³

      Nominal power: 73.4 kW (98 hp)

      RPM at nominal power: 2,600 rpm

      Emission standard: Stage IIIA/Tier 3

      Hydraulic pump capacity: 135 L/min

      Maximum operating pressure: 23 MPa

      Transmission type: Hydrostatic with variable flow pump

      Standard tyres: 400/70×20”