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Fixed Boom Telehandlers

Runner 40.13

Max Capacity:

4,000 kg

Max Lift Height:

12.4 m

Total Weight:

10,420 kg

Max Power:

93 kW (125 hp)

Engine Brand:




      Dieci Runner Telehandler

      Product Info


      The Runner 40.13 is an exceptionally adaptable vehicle, specifically tailored to excel in the rigorous conditions of mining environments, thanks to its extensive range of customisable accessories.

      Designed to thrive in dusty mining conditions, this model can be equipped with a separator pre-filter applied to the air filter, safeguarding against the ingress of dust and abrasive particles. Additionally, it features an anti-tipping device with hazardous movements stopping, as well as a front axle self-locking differential, enhancing safety and stability during operation.

      The ROPS – FOPS approved cab prioritises operator comfort, even in extreme climatic conditions prevalent at mining sites. Equipped with an enhanced air conditioning system and an adjustable seat the cab ensures operators can work comfortably and efficiently throughout their shifts in challenging mining environments.



      Length: 5,590 mm

      Width: 2,320 mm

      Height: 2,460 mm

      Maximum capacity: 4,000 kg

      Maximum lifting height: 12.4 m

      Pull-out force: 5,700 daN

      Towing force: 7,300 daN

      Maximum speed: 40 km/h

      Unladen weight: 10,420 kg

      Brand: FPT

      Fuelling: Diesel

      Cooling: Liquid

      Displacement: 4,485 cm³

      Nominal power: 93 kW (125 hp)

      RPM at nominal power: 2,200 rpm

      Emission standard: Stage IIIA/Tier 3

      Hydraulic pump capacity: 130 L/min

      Maximum operating pressure: 25.0 MPa

      Transmission type: Hydrostatic with variable flow pump

      Standard tyres: 400/70×20″