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The agricultural telehandler is a working vehicle that facilitates transport, lifting and positioning of both light and heavy loads due to a hydraulically operated telescopic boom. They can perform various jobs using the same vehicle and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, making them an extremely versatile machine. Unlike normal tractors with front lifting, telehandlers have 2 steering axles that can be used to handle loads in even the smallest spaces. The telescopic boom allows it to reach greater heights and distances, making it easier to stack round bales or load very large dumpers. Furthermore, the side boom greatly increases visibility on the job. These telehandlers are the perfect machines for management of work cycles and labour on any farm. 



The Dieci range of agricultural telehandlers is designed to make short work of any farm job- big or small.

A wide choice of accessories and attachments, allows each customer to choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific needs.


Cereal storage and distribution


Our telehandlers are particularly suitable for handling large quantities of cereals and transporting them for storage in large silos. When equipped with a bucket for light materials, Dieci telehandlers can easily heap, move and organize mountains of cereals, wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn etc. Thanks to the telescopic boom it can reach considerable heights and distances. 



Handle fodder, clean a stable, load crates for picking fruit or vegetables, all operations that a Dieci telehandler can easily perform thanks to a wide range of accessories and due to the possibility of choosing power, lifting capacity and telescopic boom length, adapted to the needs of the individual company. Extreme versatility means that these machines will optimise production cycles making the best use of labour time.


Dieci telehandlers have many uses on cattle farms due to the convenience of accessories that are suitable for the job at hand - front buckets for feeding livestock and cleaning stables, forks with needles or clamp for big bales, forks to move heavy loads etc. Dieci Australia also designs telehandlers suited specifically for poultry and piggery farms for cleaning out sheds. 


Horticulture and Nurseries

Thanks to their versatility, maneuverability and power, telehandlers are well suited in horticulture and nurseries. Compact and powerful, Dieci telehandlers are often used for their versatility to carry out different jobs such as harvesting and storing vegetables, handling loads, e.g. large pots, fertiliser and plants in tight and difficult environments, and for the convenience of being able to use multi-purpose equipment in rapid succession.

Mini Agri

The Mini Agri, referred to as the "mini telehandler" is designed to meet the needs of small applications such as greenhouses, nurseries, horticulture and poultry farming. 

With great power, excellent handling, and precision movement control, this model can be fitted with a full range of accessories, including lifting hooks, grippers of various kinds, buckets for excavation and inert material, winches and baskets. 

A spacious ROPS - FOPS approved cab provides a high level of comfort, thanks to the new door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System), an innovative lightweight composite material made by the Dieci Research and Development Centre.


  • Hydrostatic transmission

  • ROPS - FOPS approved cab

  • Double Skin Composite System door

Agri Farmer

The Agri Farmer is the most agile of the Dieci agricultural telehandlers. This model was created to complement the telehandler to the tractor, thus satisfying every lifting and handling requirement for small and medium sized farms.

Capable of precision in small movements, the Agri Farmer is a reliable and fast machine, thanks to dual speed hydrostatic transmission and electronic control.

Direction of travel and boom are controlled by the hydraulic control distributor-single joystick with proportional and simultaneous controls, while 2-speed hydrostatic transmission allows maximum forward travel precision even at full speed. 

With greater comfort for the operator, the enhanced cab provides a high level of comfort and functionality. Can be equipped with an air conditioning system, allowing perfect air circulation inside the cab.


  • Dual speed hydrostatic transmission

  • ROPS - FOPS approved cab

  • Hydraulic control distributor-single joystick with proportional and simultaneous controls (Flow Sharing). 

Agri Plus

The Agri Plus is a fixed boom telehandler, suitable for heavy and intensive use. They are characterised for their technology, reliability and durability.

This model has exceptional mobility with more precise movements, more responsiveness and greater stability under all conditions, providing greater comfort for the operator. Less prone to environmental conditions, the Agri Plus is ready and efficient even when the hydraulic oil is cold.

The Agri Plus excels in heavy use, demonstrated in the DS (Descent Control System) which guarantees maximum boom descent speed even with the engine at maximum speed.

Futhermore, this model can be equipped with 2 types of transmission, including the PS Power Shift transmission, with 6-speed manual/automatic gearbox, 3 in reverse and "inching" pedal control, which guarantee maximum power at all operating speeds, or the innovative VS Vario System hydrostatic transmission that allows unparalleled manoeuvring fluidity and millimetric precision in small movements.


  • Boom suspension

  • DCS (Descent Control System)

  • Approved for towing trailers on the road (max 40 km/h)