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The construction telehandler is a vehicle used to handle, transport and lift both loads and people. It can be defined as fixed or rotary depending on whether or not it can be equipped with a rotating turret. The telehandler is a very versatile vehicle that can replace forklift trucks, aerial platforms (PLE) and cranes in the construction sector. Compared to forklift trucks, it has the ability to reach higher and further due to the telescopic boom, and it has greater visibility given by the lateral positioning of the boom. The telehandler is robust and easily manoeuvrable in confined spaces thanks to 2 steering axles, making it a suitable vehicle for performing multiple jobs. The wide range of Dieci telehandlers allows you to choose the best vehicle suited to the needs of each individual construction site.



Whether it’s for the smallest yard or biggest construction site, there is a Dieci vehicle that can do the job.

A wide choice of accessories and attachments, allows each customer to choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific needs.




Construction Sites

Whether for new constructions, roofs, coverings or renovations and restorations, Dieci telehandlers, given the flexibility of the range, are often used for their strength and ease of use in different environments and situations. Thanks to the available accessories (forks, buckets, lifting hooks, baskets, winches, jib crane with hook) the telehandler can act as a forklift, aerial platform or crane and can easily handle aggregates such as gravel, earth and bricks. 


Property Renovations 

Telehandlers for the construction sector have proved to be particularly useful in renovation work, maintenance work and for restoration and conservative renovation. In this type of work, it is possible to meet problems that are often hard to predict during the design stage; the versatility of a telehandler and the possibility of using various accessories provide construction companies engaged in renovation with the right tool to solve this type of situation. In addition, construction sites renovation are often located in areas that are not easily accessible, historical centers, parts of buildings, courtyards, etc.

System and Structures

A construction telehandler can easily be used even in construction works that are not strictly related to building, such as the construction of large temporary structures (stands for events, stages for concerts, fun fairs, etc.) or for assembling large renewable energy plants, such as photovoltaic panel fields or wind farms. Moreover, the possibility of working easily even on steep terrain or in confined spaces make these vehicles ideal for those companies that have to work in very different sites for their morphological conformation or to install structures in residential areas.


Logistics, Ports and Airports

Dieci telehandlers are also used in ports and airports in operations such as airplanes handling for periodic maintenance, or transport of the material that must be embarked from the various depots to the dock.


The Apollo, referred to as the "mini handler" is a fixed boom telehandler, offering excellent features, outstanding versatility and optimal handling.

Designed for use in small and difficult spaces, this model is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be equipped with a ride range of accessories such as lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, winches, and baskets.

A spacious ROPS and FOPS approved cab provides a high level of comfort, thanks to the new door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System), an innovative lightweight composite material made by the Dieci Research and Development Centre.


  • Proportional 4 in 1 joystick hydraulic distributor. Open center services (joystick with deadman sensor) with FNR

  • DSCS (Double Skin Composite System) door

  • Various attachments available