Versatility and operational flexibility are the main characteristics of Dieci telehandlers thanks to the adoption of special technological expedients and quality components, they are perfect for work in mines, quarries and tunnels as they guarantee extreme performance. With a ride range of telehandlers available, you are sure to find the right vehicle to perform maintenance work on conveyor belts, chain devices, ventilation systems etc. that can cope with the many unforeseen needs that can occur everyday in these activities. Dieci also offers a range of dumpers, designed expressly for mine work and are absolutely unique for their strength and manageability. 


Whether quarrying, mining or tunneling, their is a Dieci machine designed specifically for heavy, extreme and dangerous activity.

A wide choice of accessories and attachments, allows each customer to choose the most suitable vehicle for their specific needs.




Underground Mines

You can rely on Dieci telehandlers to provide the means and equipment capable of carrying out and speeding up all the necessary operations. They are perfectly suited to moving people and objects, while agile and compact truck mixers are great for work in tight spaces along with powerful dumpers for material disposal operations


Open-pit Mines and Quarries

With the use of Dieci telehandlers and equipment, operations in open-cast mines and quarries are quicker and more simplified. The natural versatility that has always  characterised Dieci's vocation has made it possible, over the years to create specific equipment for every type of intervention: cylinder maintenance, pneumatic devices disassembly, pipe handling for piling, transport and loading of semi-finished marble slabs. The handling of heavy and bulky loads has now become the normality for Dieci vehicles. 


The construction of tunnels can also be assimilated to mining activities, as tunnels are excavated within the mountain reliefs to improve road and rail network connections. Also in this sector, as a result of Dieci's experience and the versatility of its vehicles, telehandlers are used as multipurpose vehicles for different applications.


Technical Solutions

Self-levelling outriggers

A number of telehandler models are equipped with self-levelling outriggers, which helps to keep the vehicles stable on uneven ground and make them ideal for reinforcing rock faces.

Additional ventilation filters

These additional filters are added to the cabin ventilation system to prevent the operator from breathing potentially harmful substances.

Certified "explosion-proof" vehicles

The specialised vehicles of the dedicated tunneling line are "explosion-proof" certified, enabling them to operate underground.


The Apollo, referred to as the "mini handler" is a fixed boom telehandler, offering excellent features, outstanding versatility and optimal handling.

Designed for use in small and difficult spaces, this model is a multi-purpose vehicle that can be equipped with a ride range of accessories such as lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, winches, and baskets.

A spacious ROPS and FOPS approved cab provides a high level of comfort, thanks to the new door in DSCS (Double Skin Composite System), an innovative lightweight composite material made by the Dieci Research and Development Centre.


  • Proportional 4 in 1 joystick hydraulic distributor. Open center services (joystick with deadman sensor) with FNR

  • DSCS (Double Skin Composite System) door

  • Various attachments available


The Dedalus telehandler is a small, compact vehicle suitable for use in road maintenance works, in town centres and underground.

This model is designed with increasing capacities and lift heights and stands out due to its handling, power and precision characteristics, and greater fluidity of movement,.

Equipped with hydraulic control distributor-single joystick with FNR, making all work functions of the vehicle much simpler while also increasing its safety and precision. 

With greater comfort for the operator, the cab provides a high level of comfort and functionality. Comes equipped with air conditioning, allowing perfect air circulation inside the cab.


  • Boom suspension

  • ROPS - FOPS approved cab

  • Hydraulic control distributor-single joystick with proportional and simultaneous controls (Flow Sharing). Open center services (joystick with deadman capacitive sensor) with FNR


The Zeus model combines power and agility to handle heavy loads in tight spaces. It is equipped with hydrostatic transmission combined with pedal "inching" command that allows the vehicle to run at slow speed with the engine at full throttle. 

The swing kinematic mechanism is equipped with a control, allowing the operator to considerably increase the rotation angle of the fork carrier plate. These features make it comfortable and safe for loading and unloading operations.

The Zeus excels on construction sites, thanks to a ROPS- FOPS approved cab equipped with all the safety devices, air-conditioning, air seats and soundproofing kit.


  • ROPS - FOPS approved cab

  • Air Conditioning/ Heating

  • Hydraulic control distributor-single joystick with proportional and simultaneous controls (Flow Sharing). Open center services (joystick with deadman capacitive sensor) with FNR