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How Telehandlers Can Make Your Farming Operation Safer


Who wouldn’t want their farm to be a safe place to work? Apart from any legal requirements to provide a safe working environment, there’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing everything you can to ensure you and your staff go home each day alive and well.

That’s why it’s important to stay up with the latest in safe practices, including new processes and machinery that reduces risk. Telehandlers are extremely beneficial machines for farm health and safety. Let’s explore why.

Using the right equipment means the job is done as safely as possible. Dieci telehandlers come with roll-over protection (ROPS) and falling-object protection (FOPS) as standard, and their typically low-mounted boom gives the operator full 360-degree visibility. Many models have extendable stabilisers, as well as load sensors that automatically shut down the machine if limits are exceeded.

Versatile as they are, it is still important to follow safe practices when using a telehandler. Models with 4-wheel-drive can easily manoeuvre around on farm tracks but care still needs to be taken when choosing where to set up for work, particularly for jobs that require any lifting.

Attachments need to be suitable and safe, compatible with the machine, and properly maintained. Operators need to know what checks to perform before using the machine to ensure it is safe to use.

Furthermore, the telehandler operator and any surrounding people in the area need to be aware of each other and what is going on. The view from a telehandler’s cab is nearly 360 degrees but when the boom is lowered there are blind spots that make it essential for the operator to use the machine’s various mirrors to check that their surroundings are clear.

Another area of risk can occur while transporting loads using a telehandler. When doing so, the boom needs to be as low as possible to keep the centre of gravity close to the ground, which is essential for stability. Plan a route that avoids steep slopes or gradients, and slippery or loose surfaces.

Technology is transforming modern agriculture everyday by making it more efficient and productive, and also safer for those who work in the industry. Making the most of these advances will give you the peace of mind by knowing that you are doing everything you can to make your farm a safe place to work.

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