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Two Hercules 120.10 Telehandlers for the Chilean Navy


Dieci telehandlers are machines that stand out for their great versatility, a feature that, regardless of their size, allows them to carry out various jobs.

Similar to the construction sector, the logistics  sector also has particular needs in  terms of load capacity and manoeuvrability: large loads in often restricted spaces that need to be moved frequently.

Dieci’s wide selection of telehandlers offers load capacities ranging from 2,500 kg to 23,000 kg and a height capacity of up to 30 m. Thanks to Dieci’s excellent attention to detail and their commitment to meeting the specific needs of their customers, it is possible to find an ideal machine for any application.

Dieci telehandlers are often used in ports and airports for the movement of aircraft for periodic maintenance, or the transport of material to be embarked.



New Telehandlers for the Chilean Navy

In 2021, the Chilean Navy’s supply management team launched a public tender for the purchase of two new telehandlers capable of replacing the old and obsolete machinery used for port handling.

To participate in the tender it was necessary to propose a machine that met specific characteristics, both in terms of functionality and safety. Specifically, two telehandlers that had the below requirements:

  • Nominal capacity of 12 tonne
  • Diesel engine with minimum power of 100 Kw and hydrostatic transmission with 4 × 4 traction
  • Minimum lifting height with load of 9 metres
  • Pedals with controlled advancement and tyres suitable for working on dirt roads with gravel and/ or mud
  • System for hooking up the equipment from the cabin
  • Lateral tilt corrector
  • Load limiter with display indication
  • ROPS and FOPS approved cab, equipped with air conditioning and heating with defrost function
  • Adjustable seat with operator detection system


Also essential for the Chilean Navy was the after-sales assistance and the possibility of carrying out a training course directly on site for the use of telehandlers, as well as on the main symptoms of failure.

The machines were delivered to the Navy headquarters in Valparaiso, but the final destination will be in southern Chile where they will be used for the handling and transfer of heavy loads in both the Talcahuano and Magallanes logistics centres.



Why the Hercules 120.10?

This range of powerful telehandlers, which is positioned in the “giants” market, has all the features required by the Chilean Navy in terms of handling, comfort and advanced hydraulic solutions, capable of making the most of its extreme strength in shipbuilding, port and naval. In addition, the Hercules family stands out for its safety during operation which, among others, incorporates:

  • Automatic blocking of dangerous movements in case of machine overload
  • Arm too high function: running speed automatically limited when the arm is raised
  • Dieci exclusive Inching” pedal, which allows the machine to move slowly and controlled even with the engine at full speed.


The Hercules 120.10 has a maximum capacity of 12 tonnes and a boom height of 9.5 metres, and was immediately useful for the operations of the Chilean Navy.

This model was particularly suitable for handling and working in the ports as it provided attachments such as mobile forks with a length of 2.4 metres and a 3 m3 bucket for lifting and transporting goods and containers.



The Armada de Chile: A 200-year History

The Armada de Chile, or the Chilean navy, was born in 1818 following the independence of the nation from Spanish rule. In addition to the protection of the coasts and the support of Chilean sovereignty, it aims to efficiently protect and monitor the more than 4,300 kilometres of coastline that extend into the Pacific Ocean, reaching the South Pole along the coast of the Chilean Antarctic territory. In addition to the military component, it carries out a surveillance, rescue, search and security service in the national maritime area.

The large extension of its coasts requires a great investment and a high level of attention in terms of efficiency, resource management and logistical organisation of its structures.

For more information on the Hercules range, give us a call on 1300 888 479. 

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