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4G Highways plan: Pegasus and Icarus in the Colombian Jungle


The 4G highways programme, or Fourth Generation Road Infrastructure Programme, is an initiative in support of Colombia’s economic development and involves the construction of 8,000 kilometres of roads over 40 highway projects. It is a large-scale investment in both economic and design terms, one that requires the intervention of high-performance, versatile mechanical and technological solutions.


DIECI supports Colombia’s development

Colombia has many large hilly and mountainous zones, rivers and tropical areas, which required the planning of two tunnels and 26 ancillary works including viaducts, road bridges and pedestrian bridges to overcome these natural obstacles.

Dieci telehandlers for construction were chosen to implement the programme of improving Colombia’s highway infrastructure, specifically the Icarus and Pegasus range.

Thanks to their particular characteristics of strength, adaptability and great versatility, Dieci telehandlers have proven to be instrumental in numerous phases of the programme, such as:

  • tunnel consolidation works
  • excavation faces and embankments
  • lifting and transport of materials
  • installation of ventilation systems and scaffolding
  • assembly and disassembly of centring and formwork


Another important characteristic that has made Dieci telehandlers so instrumental is their stability and adaptability, even on the most inaccessible and impassable terrain. The new road network traverses woodland, mountainous areas and tropical zones. Wherever the ground is muddy and unstable, the excellent traction of Dieci telehandlers and a system designed to ensure consistently safe operation have allowed work to continue non-stop.


Why the Icarus was chosen?

Among the many vehicles in the Dieci range, the Icarus and Pegasus have proven to be the best solution for improving Colombia’s highway infrastructure, thanks to characteristics that make them efficient on construction sites, such as:

  • structure designed for off-road use and safe working
  • high manoeuvrability, lifting capacity and material handling capabilities
  • great versatility thanks to innovative technology and numerous compatible attachments, such as baskets, jibs with winch, buckets, lifting hooks etc.


In addition, the Icarus and Pegasus complement each other perfectly, enabling them to meet every lifting and handling need. On the construction site they are used in alternation with a drilling rig, supporting safe tunnel construction by helping to install ventilation, waterproofing and electrical systems.

Dieci Icarus

Icarus: Among the best solutions for major construction and industrial works

The Icarus is a fixed boom telehandler that is distinguished by its robustness, reliability and ease of use. The Icarus range can reach heights of up to 18 metres, with a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg, and consistently excellent stability.

The Icarus is ideal for working in atypical environments, thanks to:

  • the separator pre-filter applied to the air filter, which is essential for working in dusty environments
  • the engine hood, which is designed to limit heat dissipation
  • the air-conditioned cab, which allows the operator to work in a safe and comfortable environment


Pegasus: A single solution to multiple needs

The Pegasus range is part of the Dieci line of rotating telehandlers. The boom is capable of 360° continuous rotation and 400° non-continuous rotation. It simplifies the lifting and handling of materials, including very heavy loads, based on a simple, safe and efficient system. The Pegasus range has a maximum load capacity of 6,000 kg and a maximum lifting height of almost 30 metres.

Covering a large operating area, the Pegasus range offers the driver a vast array of solutions, concentrated into a single vehicle that can perform tasks usually entrusted to a crane, aerial platform and telehandler. Especially ideal for large projects, it offers immediate solutions for any contingency.

Colombian economy goes from strength to strength

Colombia is one of South America’s largest and fastest-growing economies, achieving a GDP growth of over 3% in 2019. This upward trajectory has bucked the trend in Latin America and helped Colombia gain entry into the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), thus providing access to numerous important advantages. Today, Colombia’s goal is to expand its infrastructures and this is possible thanks to the 4G highways programme, in which DIECI vehicles have played a leading role. Once the programme is completed, Colombia will have a direct transport route to one of its biggest trading partners: Venezuela. The works are scheduled for completion in August 2022.

Thanks to the support of Dieci telehandlers for construction, two new tunnels each spanning over one kilometre will be added to Colombia’s transport network. This will ensure shorter and safer transport routes, avoiding hairpin bends and circuitous bypasses caused by the country’s hilly landscape.

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