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A Reliable Samson in Support of the Industrial Cycle


Within large industrial realities it is necessary to maintain a continuous and regular production cycle. It is important to prevent possible interruptions in processing and management flaws, which could cause complex short or long-term damage.

To ensure that this does not happen, it is essential to combine qualified and competent personnel with reliable and robust machines that are able to always maintain high operating standards.

Hydro Extrusions Lucé, the European industry leader in the aluminium sector, has found an answer to their production needs with Dieci telescopic handlers by incorporating two models from the Samson range.


Hydro Extrusions, The European Leader for Aluminium Production

In 1907, Samuel Eyde founded the then Norks Hydro, which specialised in the production of artificial fertilisers. Over the years, the company has opened up to various sectors, such as the production of Deuterium, necessary for research on the atomic, as well as the recycling of metals, the production of traditional and renewable energy and new generation batteries.

Today Hydro has more than 140 factories, distributed in 40 countries.

In Lucé, France, Hydro Extrusions produces approximately 21,000 tonnes of material every year including aluminum sheets, profiles, rods, extrusions and ingots, all deriving from recycled material that reaches the industry every day.

In addition to their 150 employees, two Dieci Samson 75.10 fixed telehandlers were utilised to support the repeated handling of large quantities of material.


Dieci Telehandlers to Support Industry and Logistics

Inside the Hydro Extrusions production, the Dieci telehandlers position, divide and move large quantities of aluminum to be melted daily, such as old cans, doors, eaves, windows, prefabricated buildings and pipes. The blast furnaces work 24 hours, 7 days a week and the production cycle never stops. For this reason, being able to rely on performing solutions is fundamental for the company.

Dieci telehandlers are multi functional machines that are highly specialised thanks to the many accessories that are available such as forks, buckets, rotating heads, pipe clamps, etc.


Why the Samson?

Within the various lines of fixed telehandlers, the Samson range stands out for its strength, power and the characteristics that make it suitable for intense jobs that require a large lifting capacity.

All Samson models are designed for loading and unloading heavy materials, thanks to the swing kinematics equipped with counter-lever. In fact, this allows an increase in the rotation angle of the fork carriage, which is particularly effective when combined with the bucket.

The Samson 75.10 is a versatile, robust, reliable, easy and intuitive telehandler, which stands out because of its:

  • 7,500 kg of maximum capacity
  • 9.6 metres of maximum lifting height
  • 114 kW of maximum power

Why the Samson

Furthermore, among the main advantages of the Samson are:

  • Giugiaro Design cab, where soft lines and elegant aesthetics are combined with many advantages for the operator, such as the heated seat, greater legroom, adjustable armrest and soundproofed roof, dashboard and carpet. High safety and visibility are guaranteed with great attention to detail such as the large glass surfaces, the internal and perimeter LED lights, the adjustable and heated rear-view mirrors and the three wireless cameras.
  • DTS, Dieci Telematic System, which allows you to remotely monitor all the operating lights of the telehandler. Thanks to DTS it is possible to keep all parameters under control, simplifying routine maintenance and keeping the efficiency of these machines.
  • High Tech Boom, 3 advanced features that optimise your work. Shake causes the blade to shake, simplifying unloading; Wall guarantees the verticality of the equipment in the ascent / descent phase; Memory memorises the position of the equipment, making it easier to reposition it as it was originally.

Thanks to the Samson, the production cycle is constant and efficient, with a continuous transport of material of any size, day and night.


Aluminium, a valuable recyclable material

Aluminium is a silvery metal with a long history of use in many sectors. Used for tools, ornaments, weapons and much more. It is found in nature in the form of salts, oxides or combined with other minerals.

Its characteristics make it truly unique: when bonded to other metals, it is as resistant as steel; its ability to reflect light and heat makes it perfect for food storage; as an excellent electrical conductor, it has become indispensable in the electronics industry.

Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable, so much so that it is estimated that 75% of all aluminum products produced since 1800 have been used over and over again.

Large companies such as Hydro Extrusions recycle this material, with constant and tight rhythms, shredding and melting old waste giving life to new products to be reused in a long continuous cycle.

For more information on our range, give us a call on 1300 888 479.

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