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The Benefits of Dieci Telehandlers for Haymaking

If a farm were to use a different vehicle for each activity, the effectiveness and costs of the workflow would be severely impacted. Agricultural telehandlers are a tried-and-tested solution to this need. Their strength is their versatility: they can be used on farms for multiple activities such as haymaking, saving both money and time.

Telehandlers help to transport hay bales (both cylindrical and rectangular) and are popular with many farmers due to their flexibility and speed in moving and stacking bales. A telehandler accelerates this stage of the process, both in the field and on the farm.

The main advantages of using a telehandler are:

  • The telescopic boom provides reach and flexibility of movement. A telehandler can reach higher and further than a tractor or forklift truck: for example, it can stack cylindrical bales up to six high and several rows deep.

  • The multi-purpose equipment ensures a customisable vehicle with an extended range of uses: on a farm, telehandlers are an all-round workhorse that can be used to fill, transport, lift, stack, hitch, fork, tow and much more.

Dieci telehandlers stand out on the market for their reliability, strength and versatility, making them ideal for the needs of small and large businesses alike, with solutions that are adaptable to the most arduous work conditions.

In addition, the Dieci line-up is complemented by specialised accessories and equipment that further increase the functionality of our agricultural telehandlers. Specifically, Dieci vehicles can be equipped with bale clamps, bale spikes, power take-off, forks, lifting hooks and much more.

Dieci Australia's Haymaster 40.7 is designed specifically for the hay industry and Australia's harshest conditions.

A truly universal machine with extreme digging and pushing abilities, the Haymaster makes light work of hay handling and fodder. With 4-tonne maximum capacity and a lift height of 7-metres, the Haymaster features an impressive rear-mounted radiator, hydraulic cooler and “Easy Ride” boom suspension.

Powershift and Vario System transmission options guarantee power, reactivity and control in manoeuvres, while a single control unit measures the optimal working parameters through in-depth diagnostics, displaying them in real time.

The Dieci range offers a solution to any need, with each vehicle offering different maximum reach lengths, load capacities, dimensions, power output and speed. We have the ideal vehicle for every farm, taking into account specific needs such as handling, space and type of job, plus cutting-edge safety systems and unrivalled comfort.

The Dieci Haymaster is available across Australia through the Dieci Australia dealer network. For more information, contact us on 1300 888 479.

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