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EIMA 2022: Dieci Hybrid Boost System Conquers With Green Technology


For the second consecutive year, Dieci has been awarded the prestigious EIMA 2022 Technical Innovation” award. A success made possible thanks to the professionalism, commitment and increasing investments that the company is making with a focus on innovation and technological development.

The protagonist of the 2022 technical innovation competition is the Hybrid Boost System. A new system designed by Dieci, which is capable of responding to the growing need to find sustainable solutions with high operational performance. With the Hybrid Boost System, the new Dieci telehandlers will offer operators double the advantages by protecting the environment and achieving an important reduction in energy waste.


Hybrid Boost System Between Performance & Environment

The innovative concept behind the Hybrid Boost System is the creation of an electronically controlled platform that connects and optimises the operation of all the main parts of the machine: transmission, hydraulic system and the innovative Kubota Hybrid Diesel engine.

In recent years, interest in low environmental impact solutions has become increasingly prevalent, following a line that is aimed at sustainability and ecological transition.

Starting from this goal, the Hybrid Boost System was born with a design that has reduced the size of the diesel engine, replacing a 79 kW engine (with SCR and urea), with a system consisting of a diesel engine plus a Hybrid (pack of 55 + 10 kW, without urea). Activating only when needed, the Hybrid Boost System supplies the necessary electric power only when required, reducing energy waste and maintaining high performance thanks to the hybrid kit.

This system is Dieci’s concrete answer to energy waste that occurs in some work phases typical of medium-sized telehandlers. Thanks to the integrated management optimisation of the machine, maximum power will be used only when necessary, leaving the system free to charge the battery during low consumption operations.

Thanks to the development on a modular scheme, the Hybrid Boost System can be easily installed on future Dieci telehandlers, thus considerably expanding the target of possible users.


Hybrid Boost System: All the Benefits

The new system designed by Dieci’s  Research and Development department is targeted towards companies that wish to access innovative, low environmental impact and high performance solutions. The Hybrid Boost System is ideal for supporting discontinuous agricultural work cycles in speed and power, which alternate with positioning phases.

With this system, the machine will be able to perform the same job in the most common use as a vehicle with 79 kW without any intervention or differences in the operator’s driving style.

From a technological point of view, the Hybrid Boost System differs on the market and is positioned as an innovative solution because:

  • It optimises machine performance, reducing energy waste and activating the Hybrid kit only when necessary.
  • It opens the door to the hybridisation of telehandlers, offering an alternative to the current lack of adequate infrastructure. With the Hybrid Boost, no charging station is required thanks to a fully automatic HYBRID system.
  • It significantly reduces operating costs, consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Reduces the need for maintenance due to the absence of urea.
  • The entire system has been designed to work even without the contribution of the Hybrid Pack, leaving the operator free to work even in the event of a low battery.
  • It is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, ideal for when the machine is being used by multiple operators and eliminating the need for training.
  • It adapts completely to the operator’s operation.


Invest and Innovation: Always Looking to the Future

The Hybrid Boost System leads the way in a sector that is increasingly inclined to the centrality of the operator’s well-being and environmental sustainability.

The recognition obtained with the Hybrid Boost is a success that starts primarily from the company, who are always active in the investment of economic resources for the development of new innovative solutions.

Following along with the trends of the market is not always easy, but the strong desire to offer competitive solutions, with concrete advantages for companies, operators and the environment is one of the main stimuli that drives Dieci.

With this award, EIMA enhances the investment and the desire to find solutions increasingly aimed at greening and electrification, which does not undermine operator comfort and does not seek compromises.

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